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John covered her mouth with his as he pressed his cock up to her pussy. The thin tissue held.
 He thrust once, twice, a third time, and then felt it tear away, allowing his cock to slide
all the way in.  Her vagina was tight, tighter than he'd ever had before. He felt every inch inside her, and it was hard to resist the urge to begin driving his shaft in and out immediately. 

Dan eased his cock into my pussy.  Mmmm it felt great!  It was big enough that he stretched me a  little, making me quiver with a need to cum.  He fucked me doggystyle until without much warning he came in my pussy, flooding me with his warm cum.  I wanted to reach back and get myself off so bad!!  I moaned and kept trying to milk his cock into my pussy, so he would keep fucking me until I came.  Just as I felt his warm sperm leaking out of me.

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